Honda’s N-Van e: An Electric Van with a Home Power Hub

Honda recently unveiled new details about its forthcoming mini delivery van, the N-Van e, with an estimated range of 210 km (130 miles). This electric vehicle, designed for both commercial and personal use, brings a unique feature to the table: the ability to share energy from the vehicle to power your home, known as Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) capability. In addition to this innovative feature, the N-Van e boasts a flexible interior layout and the ability to power various household appliances.

Electrifying Honda’s Popular Van

Honda announced its plans to introduce a new light commercial electric vehicle based on the combustion engine-powered Honda N-Van in December of last year. The objective was to extend the utility of their light combustion engine-based delivery van into the realm of electric mobility. The vehicle’s exterior remains nearly identical, with the bumper being the only notable difference, crafted from recycled materials.

Beneath the cargo area, Honda has fitted a slimmer battery pack, providing users with a spacious interior boasting a low and flat floor. To maximize cargo space, the front passenger seats and rear row can be folded flat. To facilitate loading and unloading, Honda has eliminated the center pillar on the front passenger side. The low center of gravity and minimal noise and vibrations make it especially well-suited for early morning or late-night urban deliveries.

Honda is also working on extending the N-Van’s range beyond the initial 210 km, which should be sufficient for city driving. Currently, this is being addressed through an additional ECON mode, designed to reduce air conditioning consumption and slightly extend the range.


More Than Just a Van

The N-Van e is more than a mere point-A-to-point-B transporter. It essentially serves as a “mobile power bank” with a capacity of up to 1500 W. Through an external power port, users can connect electric tools, kitchen appliances, and more to the vehicle, making it a versatile energy source on wheels.

During the initial unveiling of this light electric van, Honda stated that the starting price would be approximately 1 million yen, or roughly $7,000. The fully electric N-Van is set to hit the Japanese market next year. Honda is conducting extensive testing both domestically and internationally to ensure the vehicle’s range, battery reliability, and other functionalities meet expectations. A prototype of the vehicle will be showcased at the Japan Mobility Show, commencing on October 28th.

Honda’s Electrified Vision

Honda’s N-Van e not only represents a leap into the electric vehicle market but also explores the potential of EVs as power hubs for homes and businesses. With a competitive price point and innovative features, it stands as a testament to Honda’s commitment to innovation in urban mobility.

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