How to find a lost Apple Pencil? With this novelty you won’t have any problem

Patently Apple has pointed out an interesting new feature that Apple recently had registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is supposed to be a feature that will allow users to find their lost Apple Pencil. The Pencil will thus finally become the next device that we will be able to locate using the iPhone.

You won’t just lose your Apple Pencil anymore

This will be possible through the Find My app, which has been used for some time to manage lost and forgotten Apple products. Since the Pencil is a relatively small device and quite different from others, this new feature will use an interesting principle.

You won’t just lose your Apple Pencil anymore

Apple Pencil will be able to generate acoustic signals of a certain frequency thanks to built-in resonators. The alleged location of these motors is at the opposite end from the tip. The Pencil will therefore either vibrate or create sounds that the human ear is unlikely to pick up. Special sensors and detectors will be responsible for this. Through them, the iPhone will be able to communicate with the pencil and determine its position.

In any case, the company has patented a clever innovation, because although the pencil can be attached to the iPad with a magnet, it can often happen that you put it somewhere and do not know where. Worse, if you forget it somewhere, this feature is doubly useful. It will definitely be interesting to test the principle when it is put into practice and verify its reliability. For now, however, we have to rely on magnets alone.

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