How to get up to 4 months of Apple Music for free

Saving some money is definitely a good idea these days – especially when you’re talking about expendable things like services. It’s all the more pleasing that Apple is once again rolling out its Apple Music promotion to coincide with the popularisation of Shazam, which means you can now get up to four months of the streaming music service for free. What’s more, the promotion also applies to users who have already taken advantage of a free trial in the past. In fact, if the trial period was a bit shorter than four months, this promotion allows you to “top up” the remaining months.

How to get up to 4 months of Apple Music for free

Photo by Apple Music

If you want to activate Apple Music for free for up to four months only via iPhone or iPad, just open this link via Safari and then select the Redeem option. Apple’s systems will then go through your past use of free trials to determine which period you are eligible for.

The second option is to activate it on your iPhone using your Mac, which is essentially the same as the first option. However, you don’t have to “click” to open the link, but rather scan it via a QR code, which is more convenient for those reading this article on a computer, as they logically don’t have to reopen it on the iPhone. Just scan the QR code below and then the procedure is the same as the one above.

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