How to travel Europe for free

How to travel Europe for free

To travel Europe for free you need to be able to network, know the right applications or websites and have the will to travel.

Travelling to another continent thinking about the money you have can be frustrating, due to the insufficiency, so many expert tourists opt for futuristic websites/applications and nomadic techniques in order to enjoy the magnificent Swiss Alps, the French Louvre, the Greek landscape, the Venetian squares and much more without paying anything.

How do these sites work?

A person seeking to travel for free can start by looking for opportunities on travellers’ social networks such as Internations or search for European programmes for international volunteers.
The websites and apps allow one to get in touch with people or organisations looking for volunteers for international programmes, house-sitting and/or warehouse-sitting and the like.

The Best sites to travel around Europe for free

1. WorldPackers

On this site the user can find international programmes for more than 150 countries, the types of programmes varying according to the organisations or individuals responsible. The programmes include accommodation and meals for the travellers.

2. Wwoof
In this site the user can find programmes to work as a volunteer in farms, ranches, meadows or fields all over the world and travel both to Europe and to any continent for free and with paid stay.

3. AuPairWorld

On this site the user can sign contracts to work as a butler, nanny or similar for European families, generally wealthy, thus being able to receive money in addition to accommodation.

4. TrustedHouseSitters
On this site the user can sign contracts to take care of residences and the domestic animals there while the owners are travelling, being easier for those who understand veterinary.

What to do if you don’t get the free travel programmes

In case one cannot get a free programme one can choose the following options, save as much money as possible and enjoy the holiday in Europe using Rome2Rio or OktoPlus.

This app provides the best ticket price range for travel worldwide, where you can save up to 50% off the cost for international travel. Rome2Rio also covers rail and bus lines, making it one of the most viable worldwide.

With this app the user can pay for tickets with money or miles accumulated in several other airline ticket purchasing platforms. Still with Oktoplus it is possible to travel for free, paying with the equivalent miles.
Learn more about miles by clicking on the link.

How to get cheaper accommodation in Europe

Join hostels.
In hostels, people can work as servants in exchange for room and board or spend very little on accommodation, always coming out on top. Many tourists choose hostels for the immediate and direct immersion into the cultures of the regions they visit, as well as for the ease of networking.
The traveller can only find the best options on Hostelworld or

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