IBM will lay off thousands of employees. Their work will be taken over by artificial intelligence

The first plans to replace humans with artificial intelligence are out. IBM is considering replacing a significant number of jobs with this technology. How exactly does it intend to do this?

IBM will put artificial intelligence to work

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said in an interview with Bloomberg that the company is starting to gradually reduce the number of jobs on offer that could easily be replaced by artificial intelligence. These are to be primarily positions that customers will not come into contact with.

Reportedly, 26,000 jobs would meet that definition. Krishna imagines that one-third of these will be replaced by AI within five years. Less than 8,000 people would lose their jobs. IBM currently employs around 290,000 workers.

AI is a clear trend now

The job description for AI would consist of performing routine and undemanding tasks such as document verification. IBM also has plans to fully automate some of its departments. Positions that are unlikely to be replaced, on the other hand, are related to performance reviews and productivity optimization.

Krishna also expects the company to maintain steady growth despite the poor economic situation. Replacing some positions with AI may also help this. Thus, we are likely to hear about similar moves from other companies as well.


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