Is a new record about to be set? iPhone 15 Ultra could be the most expensive phone in the brand’s history

It’s no secret that the Ultra adjective is synonymous with the word “massive” for Cupertino giant Apple. The proof can be seen in the M1 Ultra chipset, which has 47 trillion extra transistors compared to the M2 Max. Something similar can also be seen in the Apple Watch, where the Ultra model will offer a 49mm body.

And as per many leaked speculations regarding the fifteenth series of iPhones, it looks like similar logic will apply to the iPhone 15 Ultra in terms of size, features and price. We’re probably in for a monster phone in every way.

Bigger, better equipped and more expensive

Mark Gurman, editor of Bloomberg, let it be known that the iPhone 15 Ultra would surpass the already large 14 Pro Max from last year in display size, putting it in a crosshairs with the rival Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Not only the size, but also other display specifications are said to be increased.

As for the other material improvements, the presence of a titanium bezel is probably not surprising thanks to countless speculations in the past, but more interesting may be, for example, haptic response buttons, which will fully replace the classic movable ones, or a periscopic lens capable of 6 to 10 times optical zoom.

The end of the charging port?

Perhaps the most controversial part of Mark Gurman’s report concerns the charging itself. According to his words, Apple plans to get rid of the charging port completely on the iPhone 15 Ultra and thus fully refer users to wireless charging, while we can expect the presence of USB-C on other models.

It’s worth mentioning that the iPhone with the Ultra moniker will use Wi-Fi 6E technology, just like the existing iPads and MacBooks, and last but not least, you’ll probably have to dig deep into your pockets to buy it.

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