Is China the reason why you’re still single?

A few years ago, Raiam Santos traveled to Guangzhou with Claus Mr. China as a buyer for the Canton Fair. During the fair, Raiam was surprised by the large number of vibrators on display, and the diverse range of buyers of different ethnicities and appearances at the stands.

Highlights that the Canton Fair is an event where buyers do large-scale business, purchasing goods in the millions to be shipped on boats.

He notes that Chinese vibrator technology can be more detrimental to relationships than the theories of some relationship coaches on the internet.

Emphasizes the evolution of the man’s role as provider and protector since the cave era, where men needed to be strong and athletic to hunt and feed the tribe. With women’s financial independence, the role of men as provider and protector has changed.

Currently, protection is synonymous with money, and women have easy access to this protection. With the issue of provision and protection resolved, the man’s role has become that of providing nightly pleasure. However, modern vibrators are more efficient, strong, and fast than real men.

Highlights that women are more selective now and no longer settle for men who only offer beauty and sex. Raiam suggests that men need to have an arsenal of attributes, such as a car, network, power, status, and money, to win over women.

He also notes that the Chinese vibrator industry continues to launch better products, and the demand for these products is endless. Suggests that people who want to benefit from this can do dropshipping of such products to women who seek this type of product on LinkedIn.

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  1. Ziggy

    If you’re a man and can’t provide a better experience than a piece of plastic, then you’re the problem. You need to improve your skills.

    And not by watching porn, which has very little to do with a satisfying experience. It is designed to be visually appealing to men. That’s not how you are actually supposed to do it…

    1. Afronomist Post author

      I agree that relying solely on pornography to improve one’s skills in providing a satisfying sexual experience for a partner is not an effective approach. Pornography often depicts unrealistic scenarios and may not accurately reflect how to provide a satisfying experience for a partner.

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