It’s over. Netflix has unveiled a plan to punish account sharing once and for all

The popular Netflix service is not in the best of moods. The declining number of users, coupled with lower profits, is bound to have an impact soon, and it seems that users who enjoy watching movies and TV shows ” in the dark ” will be the first to pay the price. What exactly does this mean?

Netflix tightens the screws

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Recent reports make it clear that Netflix will stop account sharing once and for all, starting next January. Users who share their account with a non-household relative will start paying extra money. Over time, this system will move to the vast majority of markets where Netflix operates.

Netflix will also allow the creation of “sub-accounts” for people who are not from the same household. Each sub-account will have its own login credentials and unique content suggestions based on viewing history.

The streaming service will use the geolocation of the device to check accounts and instantly detect if the viewer is away from home. This now only applies to TVs and not computers or phones. It’s unclear whether Netflix will tighten the screws here as well.

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