Kia EV5 Unveiled Ahead of Schedule: A Stylish Compact SUV with Electrifying Potential

As the official unveiling of Kia's new model, the EV5, is just a few days away, a set of images showcasing the production version of the compact SUV has surfaced online, thanks to Autohome. The EV5's design exudes charm and elegance, reminiscent of the acclaimed Kia Niro, while embracing the overarching design philosophy seen in the larger EV9.

Online Leaks Precede the Premiere

Our first glimpse of the concept vehicle came in March shortly after the debut of Kia’s flagship model, the EV9. Positioned at the far end of the spectrum from the EV9’s size, the EV5 introduces the brand’s first electric car, nestled between its two siblings. Notable design updates have been made to the front grille, adopting a cleaner and more minimalist appearance.

The Electric Heartbeat of the EV5

Built on the E-GMP platform, the EV5 aligns itself with accessibility and affordability by opting for a 400-volt architecture rather than the more recognized 800-volt structure. This choice places the vehicle in close competition with its contemporaries. The base variant will house a 77.4 kWh battery, while higher specifications offer the potential to upgrade to 82 kWh. A long-range model is anticipated to reach over 600 kilometers on a single charge.


Photo by Kia

Pricing and Release Expectations

Last month, hints surfaced regarding the official premiere at the Chengdu Auto Show in China, opening to the public on August 25th. Reports also indicated a base price of around $40,000. The extended-range version may carry a premium of approximately $42,200.

Glimpses into Production and Beyond

Photographs from registration and homologation procedures by Chinese authorities have provided a sneak peek into the EV5’s design. This occurrence isn’t unprecedented, as Chinese regulations require automakers to submit data for approval before market launch. Despite concerns over data security, these early glimpses give us a tantalizing preview. Kia’s production of the EV5 will take place in China, with the domestic market receiving LFP batteries, while the international market will feature NCM-based cells.

Discover more about the exciting Kia EV5 and its potential impact on the electric vehicle market as the official unveiling approaches. Stay tuned for updates and insights.

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