Last chance to buy Windows 10. Microsoft to permanently stop selling licenses

Although it often doesn’t seem like it, time flies by. The current latest version of the Windows 11 operating system has been with us for over a year now, and so the question might be what about the previous iteration.

Microsoft is pushing Windows 11

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It looks like we won’t have to wait long for an answer. The Gizchina server is now reporting that Microsoft is officially ending the sale of Windows 10 licenses on January 31, 2023, one week from now.

However, this is not the end of the world, as it will continue to be available from software vendors and support parties have secured patches and other updates until October 2025.

This step is nevertheless a clear signal to encourage users to switch to the current OS on a larger scale. This is also related to a whole host of new features that are only available on Windows 11, while the older version is simply sharp.

Windows 10 on the road to retirement?

The catch, however, is that not everyone wants to; either because of hardware issues (e.g. not meeting minimum installation requirements) or compatibility issues with other devices and accessories that work great on Windows 10.

Let’s just add that Windows 10 remains the most widely used. In fact, it is installed on two-thirds of active computers, while approximately one-fifth of users use “11”.

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