Mercedes eActros 600: Surviving Over 2,000 km in Extreme Temperatures

Mercedes' eActros 600 goes the distance! Endures over 2,000 km in scorching Spanish heat, proving its mettle in extreme temperatures. Get ready for the future of long-haul electric trucks. 

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Mercedes, just as it does with its passenger vehicles, subjects its electric trucks to rigorous tests in extreme conditions. Each new model must endure both high and low temperatures. Recently, the long-haul eActros 600 series had its turn to experience the scorching conditions of Spain.

Rigorous Testing for Electric Trucks

Engineers and developers from the German automaker subjected the eActros 600 to extreme conditions in Andalusia, Spain. For five weeks, the electric powertrain, batteries, and the entire thermal management system endured temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. The rapid charging system and its stability also underwent stress tests.

After successfully completing all tests, the truck embarked on a 2,000-kilometer journey from Granada, through Barcelona and Lyon in France, to its home testing center near the city of Wörth on the Rhine. The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is powered by three lithium iron phosphate batteries with a total capacity of 600 kWh. Two electric motors with a system output of 400 kW propel this behemoth. During peak performance, they can generate up to 600 kW of power.

500 kilometers on a single charge and a 30-minute recharge

“After conquering the cold testing weeks and challenges in northern Finland, it’s essential to test the truck in the opposite extreme. In Finland, temperatures often dropped to -25 degrees Celsius. In Spain, we expect temperatures to consistently exceed 40 degrees. The truck excelled in a cold environment. In the next phase of the project, we will subject the vehicles to testing in collaboration with our customers,” added Dr. Konrad Götz, Deputy Director for Global Testing.

Mercedes-Benz has announced an estimated range of around 500 kilometers on a full charge. Long-haul trucks are designed to recharge 60 percent of their battery capacity (ranging from 20 to 80 percent) within 30 minutes during stops. The engineers aim to prepare the model for transporting 1.2 million kilometers over ten years. The eActros 600 model will come to market in multiple variants, with the official unveiling scheduled for October 10th and production expected in the coming year.

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