Mercedes Unveils Electric Truck with Over 1,000 Km of Range

Mercedes eActros 600, the latest electric truck from the German automaker, has officially been unveiled and is set to rival Tesla Semi. Mercedes proudly boasts a substantial range of approximately 500 kilometers on a single charge, making it a major contender in the growing electric truck market. But it's not just the range that's impressive; the eActros 600 offers a sneak peek into the future of commercial electric vehicles.

The Emergence of Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks

The arrival of the eActros 600 signifies the growing interest in heavy-duty electric trucks as the transportation industry seeks sustainable solutions. Unlike the early days of electric vehicles, where most models were compact cars, today, electric trucks have proven their mettle in long-haul trucking, delivery services, and logistics.

Mercedes has taken a massive leap forward by presenting a truck with a substantial payload capacity. The eActros 600 can carry around 22 tons, setting a new standard in the electric trucking segment. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting the demands of the freight industry, which depends on efficiency, performance, and reducing environmental impact.

An Electrifying Powertrain

The heart of the eActros 600 lies in its robust electric powertrain. It is equipped with two electric motors, each delivering a consistent 400 kW of power. This symphony of electric propulsion means the truck can not only transport goods with ease but also navigate steep inclines and challenging terrain, where conventional trucks often struggle.

The eActros 600 has a range of around 500 kilometers on a full charge and is capable of towing up to 40 tonnes. With intermediate recharges during the driver's mandatory rest periods, it is possible to reach a daily distance of 1,000 km.

The 800V architecture is a noteworthy advancement. It ensures efficient power distribution and quick charging capabilities, which is crucial for long-haul trucking operations. The eActros 600 stands as a testament to the technological advancements in electric drivetrains, where vehicles can now offer high-performance standards expected in the trucking industry.

New electric tractor Mercedes eActros 600 | photo: Electrive

The Energy Backbone: Impressive Battery Design

The electric truck’s 621 kWh battery is a masterpiece of engineering. It is divided into three equal segments, each holding an impressive energy capacity. The total weight of the battery is 4.5 tons, yet it doesn’t weigh the eActros 600 down. Instead, it empowers the truck to cover roughly 500 kilometers on a single charge.

The battery is engineered to withstand the demands of long-haul trucking. Its efficiency not only ensures a significant range but also offers remarkable longevity, aligning perfectly with the intended use of the vehicle. With the electrification of long-haul trucking, the dependence on fossil fuels diminishes, contributing to the overall reduction of the carbon footprint.

The Road to Commercialization 

The eActros 600’s official debut is an exciting development for the electric trucking industry. However, the journey from unveiling to widespread commercialization is still ahead. Mercedes plans to commence sales for the eActros 600 by the end of this year. Prospective buyers and logistics companies eagerly anticipate this event, as the electric truck promises both financial and environmental advantages.

Full-scale production is not expected until late 2024. The reason for this delay is the need for thorough testing, ensuring that the eActros 600 can withstand the rigors of the trucking industry. During this time, Mercedes will address any issues that may arise and further optimize the vehicle’s performance.

The Price Tag and Cost-Savings

 While the eActros 600’s price remains undisclosed, it’s essential to evaluate the investment from a long-term perspective. Mercedes anticipates that businesses will begin reaping the financial benefits within approximately five years or after covering 600,000 kilometers.

The cost savings from reduced fuel consumption, maintenance, and environmental benefits make the eActros 600 an attractive proposition for logistics companies seeking to modernize their fleets and contribute to a sustainable future.

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