Messi’s photo from the championship breaks records! It’s the most liked in the world

If there were many critics before the start of the championship in Qatar, not only because of the venue, but also because they thought that this year’s World Cup would be worth a pittance, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Argentina made history

If we ignore all the political pressures and lobbies, some matches were begging for extra attention, while others have gone down in golden letters in football history. And for the thrilling finish between Argentina and France, this is doubly true.

Just to add, the final match of the World Cup in Qatar was won by Argentina against France after a penalty shootout. The match ended 3:3 after extra time, with the Argentines winning the penalty shootout (4:2).

Messi’s photo breaks records

Football experts and fans alike have not hesitated to cast Messi as an immortal. The star striker won not only the title but also the award for the best player of the championship, putting him on a par with his equally illustrious predecessor, compatriot Diego Maradona.

Another milestone – albeit unplanned – was then achieved by the captain of the victorious Argentine team. A photograph of Lionel Messi with the World Cup trophy after Sunday’s final against France received the most positive response in history. It has been liked by more than 68 million users on Instagram.

And it’s not the only record

It’s a thing unprecedented in the modern era of social media. Especially since Messi has three more posts in the imaginary Top 10, while the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, his age-old rival, has one less.

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