Midjourney is now free! Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer

If you haven't tried out what images Midjourney AI can generate, this weekend is your chance! The creators have once again made the service available for free, so we can enjoy a showcase of diverse works and marvel at how the software can render our words into beautiful visuals.

Celebrating the new version of Midjourney 5.1

With the arrival of the new version of Midjourney 5.1, which we recently wrote about, the developers announced on the official discord server that the image generator will be available again this weekend completely free of charge for all those who have not yet been able to try it out or have already used up their 25 free prompts.

On the Midjourney website, all you have to do is log in with your Discord account (or create one), join a chat called newbies, type in the command /imagine” and the AI will conjure up a plethora of colourful artwork just the way you want it.

Link for midjourney’s discord server here.

Try Midjourney for free

The exact timing of the event is not stated anywhere, but one would expect it to follow the US weekend. The offer is valid for all users, including those who have already tried Midjourney at some point during the trial period. The only exception is a group of people who have paid for Midjourney in the past but have subsequently cancelled their subscription. Unfortunately, they are out of luck.

If you’d like to have an unrestricted weekend in the AI fantasy gallery, feel free to visit Discord. The new version boasts greater attention to detail, so you can enjoy some truly breathtaking creations.

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