Musk believes that Tesla Cybertruck will be a sales success. Aims for 375,000 vehicles per year

Tesla Cybertruck, a timeless utility electric vehicle, has generated high expectations. It has been the subject of continuous discussion for the past four years. Moreover, it represents a classic example of initial skepticism turning into enthusiasm because this electric vehicle simply appeals to people. In fact, there are over 1.5 million eager enthusiasts who have already placed pre-orders.

Will Tesla Cybertruck be a sales success?

As we have previously mentioned, the new pickup truck from Tesla has a significant chance to disrupt the established players in the market. Automakers like Rivian and Ford need to be cautious.

We will soon find out how it all unfolds. The reason is evident. The first units will be delivered to fortunate owners in the third quarter of this year. In this regard, Elon Musk has even prepared a special event for their handover, which will be grand and spectacular.

Musk is convinced that yes

“The establishment of the production lines took us more time than originally planned. You have to understand that this is a very – let’s say – radical product, which is quite different from our existing portfolio. We cannot manufacture the Cybertruck in the same way as other models.” – Elon Musk responds to criticism regarding the shifting deadlines.

And the Tesla CEO is clear about the number of units sold, as reported by Electrek. While the server relies on a projection that may not be far from the truth in the end. The Austin-based brand expects an annual production of around 375,000 units.

Musk has emphasized several times that the Cybertruck is a highly specific vehicle, developed using new manufacturing processes. Its focus is clear, indicating that it is not strictly a mass-market product. Nevertheless, he believes that the demand will still be enormous.


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