Musk hired a brilliant fourteen-year-old boy at SpaceX. What will he be responsible for?

Elon Musk is renowned for his eccentric antics, many of which have secured a solid place in history. Recently, he added another to the series by bringing on board a 14-year-old boy to his team at SpaceX. What captivated Musk about him?

The youngest colleague at SpaceX

This news comes from The Seattle News, and it’s important to note that it’s not a joke. SpaceX has indeed gained a valuable addition in the form of the brilliant young talent, Kairan Quazi. In the upcoming weeks, he will take on a role in the Starlink project.

He certainly deserves his position. The boy is currently completing his engineering degree at Santa Clara University, specializing in computer science, a field he began pursuing at the age of 11. However, he is not just an antisocial genius; on the contrary, he is highly sensitive and has many friends.

The Miraculous Child

How is it possible for such a young person to enter an elite top-tier agency? Kairan has been a genius since childhood. Within a few months of being born, he began reading, and at the age of two, he could speak fluently. On his first day of school, he declared that he was not interested and, at the age of 10, he was selected for a prestigious internship.

He made his way into SpaceX after applying for jobs at various companies, which rejected him due to his young age. It wasn’t until Elon Musk apparently saw his potential and decided to hire him. Kairan’s story can be incredibly inspiring and simultaneously shatter several stereotypes. We will likely hear a lot more about this boy in the future.


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