Mysterious “Project Q” revealed! Sony’s handheld console becomes a reality

Yesterday Sony held an event called Showcase. At the event, the company gave us more details on games like Spiderman 2 and Beat Saber on PlayStation VR2, but Sony also revealed what's behind Project Q. The Japanese are indeed preparing a handheld gaming console. But possibly in a different style than fans were hoping for.

Sony’s handheld gaming console

Gaming fans have long wanted a handheld console, and it’s been a decade since the Japanese giant introduced the popular PlayStation Vita. Since then, however, only classic consoles have come along. Recently, however, there has been speculation that a handheld gaming console is once again in the pipeline.

Yesterday’s Showcase confirmed this information and also showed us what the product will look like. As can be seen, it will be dominated by the main 8-inch HD LCD display, which is set in a body with the same features as the DualSense controller for the PS5.

It’s not what it looks like

However, the functionality is different to the aforementioned PlayStation Vita. In fact, Project Q will work within a remote access and Wi-Fi connection. So you’ll only play games that you have installed on your PlayStation 5.

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