NASA claims that life can exist on the Moon. It is reportedly not unrealistic

Another lunar landing is approaching, and if NASA adheres to its plan, we will be able to explore the Moon's surface as early as next year. The expedition will primarily focus on various scientific research endeavors. One of these studies will address the question of whether life could have settled on the Moon.

Is the Moon suitable for life?

The Space website brings news about what scientists will be investigating during the upcoming journey to the Moon. NASA. According to these findings, certain forms of life could potentially sustain themselves in the lunar conditions. One of the scientists, named Prabal Saxena, provides detailed explanations.

He claims that frozen, permanently shadowed craters at the Moon’s south pole are believed to be an ideal environment for certain types of microorganisms. Currently, his team is working to determine the specific locations and extent to which life could exist.


 Photo by NASA on Unsplash

What is the origin of these microorganisms? 

Another scientist, Heather Graham, explains the possible origins of life on the Moon. One potential pathway is the alleged dislodging of small meteorites from the Earth’s surface that could have reached the Moon. However, a more plausible scenario suggests that humans might have brought the microorganisms here.

This research will also provide valuable insights for future space exploration, particularly concerning destinations like Mars. Now, we must simply wait and see if these scientific theories prove themselves in practice. The Artemis 3 mission is scheduled for next year, so if everything goes according to plan, we can expect exciting discoveries very soon.

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