Nissan is planning an absolutely insane electric car. You’ve never seen anything like it before.

Nissan hyper tourer | Photo by Nissan
The approaching Japan Mobility Show promises to dazzle auto enthusiasts with a peek into Nissan's electric future. The Japanese automaker is set to unveil not one, not two, but four new electric vehicle concepts, and they are like nothing you've seen before.

Meeting Varied Needs: Nissan’s Hyper Family

Among these innovative concepts, two have already been introduced, and they cater to a spectrum of consumer needs. The first in the lineup is the Nissan Hyper Urban, designed to navigate city streets with ease. Next in line is the Nissan Hyper Adventure, tailored for outdoor enthusiasts seeking eco-conscious adventures. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the Nissan Hyper Tourer. This one’s a bit of a mystery, as Nissan hasn’t divulged many technical details yet. However, the vehicle will grace the Japan Mobility Show, so we’re hopeful to uncover more about this enigmatic concept. So far, all we have is its highly abstract design to pique our curiosity. It’s worth noting that these are still in the concept stage, but they hint at a promising future for electric mobility.

Nissan’s “Hyper Family” is an endeavor to cover various aspects of life. The Hyper Tourer specifically targets young families and corporate customers. Interestingly, the term “Hyper” denotes the “special excitement” these electric vehicles aim to deliver. The electric minivan is prepped for an autonomous future, with its front seats being capable of rotating 180 degrees.



Design with a Touch of Japanese Tradition

Nissan takes inspiration from Japanese tradition for the design of the Hyper Tourer, seamlessly blending the essence of omotenashi, a term that captures Japanese hospitality, and autonomous driving capabilities. Features like Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication and high-capacity batteries enable the sharing of energy off-board, promoting various business opportunities.

The exterior design is a visual embrace of inner comfort, composed of smooth panels and sharp lines that honor the traditional concept of Japanese beauty. The spacious interior comes to life through Nissan’s EV Technology Vision, leveraging compact components and high-energy-density semiconductor batteries to create an innovative framework.

The result is an ultra-low center of gravity, combining with an advanced all-wheel steering system to deliver an exceptional driving experience. The ceiling console and kumiko and koushi-style lighting offer a sense of luxury, and a flat LED floor panel displays natural scenes to induce relaxation. Nissan is unapologetically painting the future of electric vehicles with a broad brush, and the Hyper Tourer is a compelling stroke in the canvas.

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