Nokia is putting the internet on the moon soon


Theories about whether and how it would be possible to live on the Moon are an eternal topic. Although such a thing seems unrealistic at the moment, in a few years we may be talking about something very different. NASA is planning to carry out a mission called Artemis 1 in the near future. It is supposed to be a historic moment when man will be on the surface of the Moon for the first time since the famous Apollo mission.

Nokia and its premiere of the internet on the moon

A plan closely related to the aforementioned mission came from the bowels of Finnish telecommunications company Nokia – not to be confused with the mobile phone brand of the same name, which falls under the wing of HMD Global. It wants to be the first to launch high-speed 4G internet on the surface of the moon.

How is he going to do something like this? The carrier of the network will be a SpaceX rocket. The Nova-C lander will provide power to the internet network, as will the accompanying rover, which will be powered by solar panels. An LTE network will then be formed between the two objects.

Easier communication between astronauts

Nokia itself has let it be known that the technology is ready to handle the extreme conditions on the Moon with ease. The importance of this project is crystal clear to almost everyone. More reliable communication over a 4G network, the ability to transmit real-time video, or even better and more precise remote control of the rovers – all of this will help astronauts in future space missions in incredible ways.

It’s worth mentioning that NASA gave the Finnish company the task of bringing stable internet to the Moon as early as 2020. It was supposed to be ready in the second half of 2022. While that didn’t happen, we should see the planned mission actually launch later this year.

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