Not just lemonade. Coca-Cola is about to enter the world of smartphones

Nowadays, many companies have their own smartphone. Now and then we come across phones from manufacturers whose focus is quite different. And now we learn that the manufacturer of flavoured lemonades, which is none other than Coca-Cola, has also longed for its own smartphone. Twitter has even revealed what the Coca-Cola Phone could look like. So what can we expect?

A Coca-Cola design

Photo by Gizchina

The Coca-Cola company perhaps needs no introduction. However, if you don’t know what the manufacturer does, it produces sweetened sodas and is one of the most successful companies ever. Subsequently, the latest reports reveal that this particular giant would like to look into the world of smartphones. Reportedly, it has established a close collaboration with a well-known phone manufacturer and they are planning their own stunt. Moreover, that mysterious “Coca-Cola Phone” has shown up in a rather high-quality render.

So as we can see, the back side carries the design tag. The deep red back then also features the Coca-Cola lettering. Furthermore, we only see two camera lenses here. The rest of the design remains veiled to us for now. However, as is evident, in terms of looks, the phone bears a strong resemblance to the recently launched Realme 10 4G. So is the young Chinese brand the one that Coca-Cola has partnered with?


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