Nothing is likely preparing a new product. What does Carl Pei have planned to unveil?

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, is behind the company Nothing, which actually started as a start-up. However, it has evolved into a promising firm that must be taken into account, and they will soon arrive with their second phone, the Nothing Phone (2). It is also possible that Carl Pei is quietly preparing something else.

Phone and watches as the entire portfolio 

The fact is that Nothing is still a very young company and is gradually developing, so an extensive range of products cannot be expected. The current lineup consists of one phone and two types of headphones (ear 2 and ear stick), with the new generation of the Nothing Phone arriving soon (next month).

The latest information, brought by informant Mukul Sharma, suggests that the company is working on expanding its offerings and is expected to enter new waters where it has not yet been present. Hints of Nothing preparing smartwatches have been seen in the Indian certification system.

Product That Makes Sense

The introduction of smartwatches makes perfect sense for the company Nothing because what better way to complement phones and headphones? Watches are certainly an ideal piece of electronics – they belong to a relatively popular segment, and the brand’s unique design style can be implemented on them as well.

The aforementioned informant previously discovered the phrase “CMF By Nothing” in the certification system and now also the designation “Nothing D395.” It has been categorized under the smartwatch department, so it can be assumed that something like the Nothing Watch (1) is indeed in the plans.

Carl Pei is already exploring the field

The fact that Nothing is likely preparing smartwatches is indicated by the recent actions of its leader, Carl Pei. At the beginning of the year, he acquired the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and inquired on Twitter about how users use it. In light of the current leaks, it seems that he was simply exploring the field for his upcoming product.


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