Nothing unveils its most expensive Ear headphones yet (2)

Two years ago, Nothing Ear (1) became the debut of Nothing, the company behind the young visionary Carl Pei. And the fact that it was a successful project is confirmed by the worldwide sales, which have reached 600,000 units sold, and the fact that we are now seeing the second generation of these headphones. Again with the hallmark of originality and improvements on almost all fronts.

Nothing Ear (2) – Why change something that’s done well


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That’s what Carl Pei must have thought when designing the new generation of Nothing Ear headphones, because the new generation looks virtually identical to the first. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, because the semi-transparent design is still pretty damn cool, which applies to both the headphones themselves and the charging case. The latter is again quite rugged, but features IP55-rated durability, and the headphones are also water resistant, to IP54 standard.

Nothing Ear Specification (2):

  • Headphone Resistance: IP54;
  • Housing Resistance: IP55;
  • Dynamic transducers: 11.6 mm;
  • ANC technology: yes (up to 40 decibels);
  • Hi-Res Audio certification: yes;
  • Codec: LHDC 5.0;
  • Technology: Clear Voice, Dual;
  • Connection, Fast Pair;
  • Microphone: yes, 3 in each earpiece;
  • Battery life: up to 36 hours (with ANC off).

Better in every way

Nothing boasts significantly better sound quality with its new headphones than the previous generation, and the Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC, technology has also been improved. This can filter out noise up to 40 decibels, adjusts its effectiveness in real time to the surrounding environment and is designed to adapt to the shape of the user’s ear canal.

The manufacturer has also taken care to filter out distractions during calls and Clear Voice technology ensures the clearest possible calls. The headphones boast advanced touch control or dual connection technology, which allows you to connect them to a pair of devices simultaneously and seamlessly switch between listening to music and taking calls.

Battery life

Together with the charging case, the Nothing Ear (2) headphones should offer up to 36 hours of operation, which is true with ANC technology turned off. The case can supply the headphones with up to 8 hours of listening power after 10 minutes of charging and supports both wired and wireless charging. The user can find complete settings in the Nothing X app, which is available for both iPhones and Android phones.

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