October 2023: Netflix’s Best New Movies & Series Tips


Netflix is a very popular streaming service where you can watch countless movies and series for a subscription fee starting from 6.99 USD per month. But how do you choose what you might actually be interested in? In our regular editorial selection on afronomist.com, we bring you tips on new movies that are now heading to Netflix.

Netflix’s selection for October 2023 is set to cater to a wide array of tastes, with offerings ranging from captivating crime dramas to heartwarming comedies. Let’s delve into the line-up and explore the exciting content coming your way this month.

“Bodies” – Unraveling the Detective Mysteries

For fans of detective stories, “Bodies” is a new eight-part miniseries designed to pique your interest. What’s it about? Four detectives, four different timelines, one body. To secure the future of Britain, they must first solve a murder that changed the course of history. So, are you ready to hit play on Netflix? – link

“THE DEVIL ON TRIAL” – A Riveting Investigation

We also have another captivating detective story, currently one of Netflix’s most-watched films: “THE DEVIL ON TRIAL” It’s a documentary that delves into the story of a young man obsessed with the devil and a brutal murder. Through reenactments and authentic recordings, he seeks to uncover the truth behind the incident. – Link

“Chicken Run” – A Whimsical Adventure

On a completely different note, we have the delightful classic, “Chicken Run”. A determined hen and a feisty rooster, determined to avoid ending up on the dinner table, lead an escape as the entire flock embarks on a quest for freedom. This 2000 film is suitable for children and the whole family looking for a good laugh in front of the television. – Link

“Camp Courage” – A Tale of Bravery

A concise 33-minute documentary, “Camp Courage” follows a young girl displaced from her home in war-torn Ukraine. She embarks on a summer camp adventure in the Alps with her grandmother, where the mountains will test her courage. If you appreciate inspirational stories, this one is sure to resonate. – Link

“Old Dads” – A Hilarious Take on Modern Parenthood

And, of course, no list would be complete without a fantastic comedy. “Old Dads” is a new film set to release on October 20th. It follows a perpetually grumpy father and his two best friends, who find themselves out of place in a world of young corporate bosses and powerful kindergarten directors. – Link

As October unfolds, Netflix invites you to unravel mysteries, share laughter, and immerse yourself in captivating stories that span the realms of crime, comedy, and courage. With a diverse selection of content, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and let the binge-watching begin!

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