On Android and iOS, you’ll soon be chatting with ChatGPT

Microsoft is trying to keep up with its competitors in the field of artificial intelligence. One of the first steps is to introduce ChatGPT technology into the Bing search engine. The initial testing phase of this has already begun for the first few testers. After the introduction on computers, Android and iOS mobile devices are also expected to see the rollout.

Artificial intelligence part of the search engine?

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled a combination of the Bing search engine, Edge browser and ChatGPT artificial intelligence. The aim of this combination is to improve search results and provide more complete and meaningful results.

Microsoft has decided to adapt the Bing user interface for Android and iOS. So we’ll soon see fresh content created with OpenAI technology right on your mobile device.

On Android and iOS, you’ll soon be chatting with ChatGPT

Photo by Bing

Coming soon to mobile devices

According to the latest information, the service is expected to be launched en masse in the coming weeks. A regular browser like Edge or Google Chrome will be enough to access Bing AI. Android users can sign up for the waitlist for ChatGPT integration through their Microsoft account.

We don’t yet know when the live launch on mobile will happen. According to Microsoft’s statement, they are working hard on it, but still the feature is not ready for live operation. For now, Microsoft recommends downloading the Bing app so that every user is ready for the live launch.


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