OnePlus 12: The Ultimate Flagship Predator! Here’s what we know so far!


The OnePlus 11 is definitely one of the interesting flagships and stands out both in design, features and of course in the camera department. For OnePlus, it’s the most successful phone in a while and following it up will definitely not be easy. In any case, the next generation is in the pipeline and leaks are starting to proliferate, revealing what we can look forward to.

OnePlus 12 – Premiere later this year, but only in China

With the latest information regarding the new flagship OnePlus 12, well-known whistleblower Yogesh Brar has come forward and we have gotten some interesting insights. Like the fact that OnePlus will unveil this new device later this year, specifically at the very end of the year, in December. However, it will be a Chinese launch and the global one will come later.

So, the timeframe for the arrival of this news is very similar to that of the current OnePlus 11 and the display is not likely to see any major changes. There’s talk of deploying a 6.7-inch OLED panel with curved sides and a high QHD resolution that won’t lack 120Hz frequency or LTPO technology. This is practically the same as what the current OnePlus 11 offers.

New processor and redesigned camera

But there’s already a change in the processor position, and it’s within the scope of what we’re used to. That is, the current flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset will be replaced by its next-generation SD 8 Gen 3, which Qualcomm will unveil sometime in the last quarter of this year. So once again, we’ll be seeing a phone that sits at the top of the food chain in terms of performance.

The camera looks interesting as well, which should offer three sensors with a resolution of 50 + 50 + 64 megapixels in the composition of main, ultra-wide-angle and periscopic telephoto lens. Whether we’ll see a collaboration with Hasselblad again is in the stars for now, but we’re guessing we will. And we’re also curious to see if OnePlus will reach for some larger sensor with a surface area of around 1 inch, like most of the competition.

Battery and charging

Nothing will reportedly change in this regard, and so once again we should expect a 5,000 mAh battery combined with 100W wired charging. But that would definitely be a shame, because here OnePlus could have gone a bit more adventurous and offered not only higher wired charging performance, but also added some of that wireless charging that the current OnePlus 11 has woefully omitted. Let’s see what the popular Chinese manufacturer will eventually boast with.


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