Phone (2) Camera: Impressive Results without Pro Photographers

Nothing's first phone, Phone (1), arrived a year ago, bringing a refreshing breeze to the mobile business. With its unique LED light interface, it offered excellent craftsmanship, quality hardware, and a likable system. Overall, the phone was a success, and it will be interesting to see if the second generation lives up to it.

A step up in class

While last year’s Nothing Phone (1) belonged to the upper mid-range category, the second generation will take it up a notch. It will be powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which recently provided performance for flagship phones. Therefore, Nothing Phone (2) can be considered as a lightweight flagship.

Carl Pei, the mastermind behind Nothing, is currently promoting this highly anticipated new product on social media. He has now released several photos to showcase the photographic capabilities of his next phone. The exact camera specifications of Phone (2) are not yet known, but it is certain that we will find a setup consisting of a duo of sensors on the back.

The young visionary

Through Twitter, challenged all current testers of the new Nothing Phone (2) to share unfiltered photos taken with the device. As a true challenger, he was the first to showcase his shots, giving us a glimpse of four photos, presumably from an exciting trip.

The first image features a rock climber, highlighting the device’s ability to capture intricate details. The second photo, with cyclists and mountains in the background, showcases the phone’s HDR capabilities and impresses with a beautifully captured cityscape. The last image, taken indoors, demonstrates the phone’s skill in handling shadow composition and interior lighting.

Can we expect an outstanding camera phone? 

Carl Pei made it clear that these photos were taken with unfinished software and completely without filters. Nevertheless, the photos look impressive, hinting at a highly capable device in terms of photography. The highly anticipated Nothing Phone (2) is set to arrive on July 11, just a week away, and we will undoubtedly bring you its premiere coverage.


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