PlayStation 5 is plagued by a serious bug. Avoid using the console in portrait mode

PlayStation 5 is plagued by a serious bug. Avoid using the console in portrait mode

The fifth generation of Sony’s popular consoles is one of the most desirable products in the gaming world. Despite its years of unavailability, some people still can’t satisfy their craving and will still get a PlayStation 5 at the inflated price. It can make it all the more infuriating when the console one day decides never to launch again.

Complaints about this particular problem have literally been rampant over the past few days. The most interesting thing is that in all cases, the bug exclusively affects individuals who have their console positioned vertically, i.e. in portrait mode. What could be causing such failures on the PlayStation 5?

The innovative cooling system seems to have its own drawbacks

The Wololo server delved into the problem and it didn’t take too long to find the root of it. Qualified hardware experts have let it be known that the malfunctioning of some consoles is related to the way the PlayStation 5 uses a CPU for cooling. A special liquid metal is used to remove heat from the AMD Zen 2 processor.

The attached photos show that if you stand the console upright, the metal can start to leak out of the processor over time. So there are two problems in the end, and both of them can be described as very serious – the processor loses its only means of cooling and other components come into contact with the unwanted liquid.

Since this specific bug is only now appearing, more than two years later, it’s likely that there was some sort of manufacturing error with the new batch of Playstation 5s. The easiest way to avoid the problem at the moment, then, is logically to place the console landscape, i.e. horizontally.


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