Popular ChatGPT victim of hackers. Fraudulent practices spread malware


ChatGPT represents the latest development in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Behind its birth is no less than Elon Musk, along with other top leaders who founded OpenAI in 2015. And as we’ve informed you in several successive looks back, this dialogue, comprehension and communication-based system will speak in almost every conceivable human language.

ChatGPT fascinates the public

This makes it a direct claim to a diverse conversation. A huge package of information gathered from the Internet serves as the data basis, which is processed using the Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) method. Hence, the capabilities of ChatGPT are very diverse indeed.

And that goes for the ability to program as well. Of course, something like this requires interaction with a user who understands such issues and can create a basic stepping stone of the necessary algorithms that the chatbot will develop further. This is what is starting to be a thorn in the side of cybersecurity experts. The reason? Very simple. ChatGPT can potentially be misused to create malware as well.

AI scares cybersecurity experts

“After we published a post about this possibility recently, ChatGPT is no longer responding to the call to create a phishing email. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we have noticed other ways to circumvent this restriction,” said Sergey Shykevich of CheckPoint Research.

And watch out! We are no longer talking about a potential threat, but a real one, BleepingComputer reports. The server refers to the latest phishing and malware attacks registered by cybersecurity specialists and various analytical companies.

However, at the moment, these are not scripts created by a chatbot. Attackers are exploiting the current market situation, offering interested parties the opportunity to get ChatGPT completely free while it is normally available for $20 per month. This is, of course, a scam. The site points out that this is not the action of some “non-artists”, not in the slightest.

Allegedly, it is a coordinated and quite sophisticated attack, the aim of which is to once again lure as much money as possible from users. If you’re thinking of subscribing to ChatGPT, go straight to the source and don’t click on any links wherever you are.


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