Practically confirmed: Apple’s AR/VR headset with more specs revealed!


Although Apple is known for keeping the announcements of its new products under wraps, unlike many other companies, we already know quite a bit about the planned headset, which is set to be unveiled in just a few days. Additional detailed specifications have now been leaked to the public.

Specifications of Apple’s AR/VR headset

Renowned leaker and analyst Ross Young has revealed some display specifications on Twitter that the new Apple headset will possess. Firstly, it will feature two 4K displays. Each of these displays is expected to have a diagonal size of 1.41 inches, a maximum brightness of over 5000 nits, and a pixel density reaching 4000 PPI.

The displays themselves are said to be of the Micro OLED type. Apple certainly spares no expense when it comes to displays, allowing users to enjoy a premium experience with high-quality imagery, precise colors, and contrast. As a result, the displays will be able to compete with well-known players in the VR headset market, such as Meta.


The price will be astronomical

But everything comes at a cost, and so the price of the new headset won’t be low either. The price of the device will reportedly be around $3,000. How many customers will be willing to pay that much money for such a product will probably depend largely on how Apple will present the new headset.

The unveiling on Monday

And we’ll probably have to wait until at least Monday for that, when it’s supposed to be its turn at WWDC 2023, according to unofficial information. The live stream will, of course, be available to watch on YouTube.


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