Programmers have completely succumbed to artificial intelligence. 92% of them utilize it

Artificial intelligence is a relentless trend that is permeating all areas of our lives. Experts predict that over time, everyone will encounter it in their work. A new survey reveals that for programmers, AI has long become an indispensable colleague.

No developer can do without AI anymore

The GitHub platform recently shared the results of a survey it commissioned to map out programmers’ job responsibilities. One of the criteria examined in the questionnaire was the role of artificial intelligence in this profession.

The survey was conducted by the WakeField company, which enlisted 500 full-time programmers from the United States working in larger companies, excluding students. The results were truly remarkable. 92% of developers claim to use AI in their work. However, this is not the only statistic worth mentioning.


Photo by GitHub

AI can be a very handy assistant

Programmers listed faster code writing, more efficient bug hunting, and better testing of written lines as additional benefits of this new technology. They also agree that artificial intelligence increases productivity not only for individual workers but for the entire team. AI is most useful when it comes to writing long and repetitive commands.

The survey also sought answers to other questions unrelated to artificial intelligence. For example, it was found that the three most common tasks programmers engage in are code writing, bug hunting, and feedback analysis. Based on this data, GitHub provides advice and tips in an article on how companies can make use of these results and improve their overall performance.


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