SEO what is it, how it works and how to use it in your favour?

SEO is a set of techniques used to attract visitors to a web page organically (free of charge).

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, introduce Pagerank, a model for ranking the quality of a web page in relation to others in the same niche, the term SEO comes naturally. The strategies used to position a page are based on satisfying the demands of search engine “bots”.

How does Pagerank work?

There are 3 steps in pagerank:Crawling, Indexing and Ranking

Every moment Google crawls the web looking for new or updated pages. Google uses the method of following the already known pages to reach new pages, finding what's new on the web.


Google's “bots” analyse new pages and capture the essence of each page's content, create meanings for the pages and "tags" that further identify the pages' contents.


Through tags, when a user searches for something, Google directs them to the pages that have the most intense tags.

How to get to the top of Google’s search results

You must meet the requirements demanded by Google’s algorithms.
There is no perfect website. The sites with the most visits usually focus on one niche and apply the right methods, such as SEO, in their publications.
Satisfying the requirements of the algorithms includes having good ratings from the “bots” in Crawling, indexing and ranking.

How to get a good rating?

In Crawling occurs the scanning of the whole web, so for a page to draw much attention it needs to have links to other sites (backlinks), preferably the best ones in the niche.

In Indexing the bots analyze the content of the page, it is necessary that the words and images are in concordance with the title, for a page to have a highlighted meaning it is necessary that all the content is aligned in the same straight so that the robots specify some “tags” for that page. The tags can be words or phrases that identify the page content.

In Ranking, pages are compared according to the intensity of the tags. The best pages have the power of attraction because they have the right words in the right places. The creator must use keywords in his texts, words that generalise the content in a certain niche.
Example: In an article about the US economy, there is more power of attraction when mentioned impacts on the national reserve, Wall Street, the stock exchange, the exchange market, the congress, and similar.

How to write appropriately to reach a wider audience

  1. Use unique images to engage the reader.
  2. Write in a versatile way so that the content covers various tags effectively, also so that different types of readers feel comfortable reading the content.
  3. Write simply so that it is not a difficult content to understand.
  4. Write accurately so that it is the most reliable in the industry and increases the chances of bots liking the content.

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