Revolutionary Chinese Electric Scooter: Say Goodbye to Charging!

Eurobike, the European trade fair for micromobility, is currently in full swing, and traditionally, it's brimming with innovations not only from cycling companies. Manufacturers of scooters and other conventional or extravagant personal transportation devices also showcase their products here. It's no longer surprising that the vast majority offer motorized versions, most commonly electric ones. One particularly intriguing concept is the S80 electric scooter.

Always ready to ride

The manufacturer claims that you’ll never have to recharge it from the electrical grid. This isn’t a gimmick; it’s not a manual machine. It actually contains a battery and an electric motor. The charging process takes place through solar panels. The e-scooter has two panels, both approximately the same size. One is integrated into the handlebar stem, and the other is essentially where you stand while riding, embedded into the platform.

The Chinese manufacturer explains how the entire process works. It requires between 35 and 70 watts of solar energy to recharge. The panels charge a 468 Wh capacity battery. Doing the math, it gives us a charging time of approximately 7 to 14 hours of solar work. On a sunny day with ideal parking for the scooter, you can recharge roughly half of the battery’s capacity. If you were to use such a scooter daily in southern regions during the main season, theoretically, you wouldn’t even need to recharge it from a power outlet.

Electric scooter for those on the move 

The manufacturer states a range of approximately 35 kilometers on a full charge. Even with the mentioned half capacity, it should still be sufficient for journeys of around 17 kilometers. That should be enough for most riders. Power is provided by a 350 W motor driving the rear wheel. Due to regulations, its speed is limited to 25 km/h. However, the manufacturer is also targeting the American market, where scooters are not subject to such strict limitations, allowing for greater speed potential.

The American representation has already announced the starting price, which will range from $1,400. The equipment includes GPS with a locator and additional anti-theft protection. The display on the handlebars will show the most important information. The scooter will also offer the option of signaling direction changes using turn signals. Similar solar-powered machines are often the result of DIY projects. If someone is serious about solar transportation, they now have a ready-made solution available.


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