Revolutionizing Automation and Human Interaction: Amazon Unveils Playful New Robots

Amazon is the embodiment of the American dream. Once a garage bookstore, it has successfully transformed into a global marketplace with tremendous potential. Moreover, in the world of e-commerce, it stands as a longstanding leader with hundreds of millions of customers. The platform also boasts a wide range of services, diverse offerings, reliable delivery, and a very user-friendly environment.

Amazon and Modern Technology Despite the company’s controversially perceived policies, the debated figure of its founder Jeff Bezos, and past controversies, Amazon remains a place where people enjoy shopping and willingly return.

In this regard, we have also informed you that the company is not falling behind when it comes to technology. For example, the new domestic distribution center in the Přerov region relies on robotic assistance, which supports employees in fulfilling tasks related to handling customer orders. With an investment of over 230,000,000.00 USD, it is expected to create up to 2,000 job positions in the region.


Photo by Amazon

Robotic assistants will be seen more frequently

As it seems, the utilization of these assistants is gradually becoming a standard practice at Amazon, as reported by Wired. The publication mentions an experience during a visit to a warehouse in Reading, Massachusetts. The editors came across a pair of AI robots resembling characters from Star Wars. Apart from their appearance, they were surprised by the smile on their faces, created using diodes, as well as their large and “kind-hearted” eyes.

These robots have LiDAR sensors resembling small hats, which scan nearby objects in a 3D manner, just like humans. This means they are capable of limited responses, such as playing a melody or playfully humming.

Certainly, part of the impression is the author’s imagination, but it is clear that the practical use of robotics in an effort to replace humans will be increasingly promoted. Nevertheless, their human counterparts at Amazon cannot praise them enough, and they all unanimously claim that it is precisely their cheerful presence that makes them happier.


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