Shareholders adore Apple! Value exceeds $3T

The value of Apple is starting to rise towards the historic record of $3 trillion, which it has already surpassed once in history. This is likely happening in connection with the recent WWDC 2023, where promising products such as Vision Pro were introduced. However, the hot news of this AR/VR headset is not what drives up the company's stock price. Mark Gurman offers a different explanation.

Why are investors not showing interest in Vision Pro?

Apple touched the $3 trillion mark at the beginning of 2022. Now it is approaching it again, and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who has long focused on Apple’s business strategy, provides an analysis that reveals the reasons behind this trend. At first glance, it may seem that investors believe in the revolutionary Vision Pro headset, but the opposite is true.

AR/VR glasses like Vision Pro will not become as popular as iPhones or MacBooks when they are launched. The high price, impractical external battery, and the still unclear practical use of this headset will be the cause. Apple is aware of this, as are the investors who rely on other products.

apple vision pro

Photo by Apple

What drives the increase in stock prices?

As the first reason, Gurman mentions Apple’s user interface. The integration of all mobile devices, tablets, watches, and the availability of music and video subscriptions on every product is extremely convenient, making it hard to leave this ecosystem. In the case of Apple, customers are simply willing to pay extra for the luxury that the brand offers.

Another aspect is the fact that a new series of iPhones, the iPhone 15, will be released in the fall, bringing more significant changes and new features after a while. Investors expect that the new models will attract many customers, driving the company’s value upward.

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