Sony surprises! Quietly working on the upgraded PlayStation 5 Pro

Sony's PlayStation 5 is currently the most popular console on the market and there's been talk of several new versions coming recently. There's still time for an all-new PlayStation 6, but the current generation could definitely use a slight refresh or a slight upgrade. And it's likely that Sony is indeed planning something like that.

Another PlayStation on the way?

Not long ago, speculation began that Sony was preparing a PlayStation 5 with a removable disc drive. This model should theoretically arrive at the end of this year and replace the standard variant, due to the reduction in production costs.

However, this is not the modernisation that has also been talked about recently. Sony is reportedly still planning the arrival of a new PlayStation 5 Pro version, and this has now been reported by Insider Gaming. This will arrive later and should bring improvements in several ways.

What does the Pro version boast?

It’s safe to assume that PlayStation 5 Pro will offer similar improvements to the PlayStation 4 Pro model from years ago over the standard model. This means that we can expect to see improvements mainly in performance, but also in the overall speed of the console.

Sony is also reportedly looking to focus on the visuals and ray tracing technology, but we’ll have to wait and see which specific elements will see improvements. Either way, the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro will be an intermediate step between the current version and the next generation.

We’ll have to wait and see

According to the latest information, we’ll see new releases within Sony’s console world in the following sequence – the PlayStation 5 with removable drive should arrive at the end of this year, the PlayStation 5 Pro in 2024, probably again at the end of that year, and the all-new generation, the PlayStation 6, then supposedly in 2028.


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