Sony’s Effortless Approach: Alleged Look of PlayStation 5 Slim

The concept of a slimmer version of PlayStation has been consistent since the PS1, extending through subsequent generations. Naturally, the question arises whether a streamlined version will be developed for PS5. Initial images provide a glimpse into its potential appearance.

Leaked PlayStation 5 Slim? 

Recent images surfaced on Twitter, displaying a console casing with the logo. The dimensions notably resemble those of the PS5, and according to sources, this design is intended for the Slim variant.

Account BwE_DeV shared a video showcasing the casing from various angles, complementing the view provided by another user named Andrew Marmo. On the A9VG discussion forum, further details are speculated, drawing attention to the leak reported by AndroidAuthority.

Minimal Changes 

Assuming this is indeed the design Sony plans to unveil in the near future, the Slim version doesn’t exhibit significant alterations. The width remains nearly unchanged, and the height is likely reduced by 5 centimeters. On the front, two USB-C ports are placed, requiring an external drive. Additionally, a black stripe has been added to the center of the console.

All indications suggest that this could be the form we eventually see for the Slim variant. If true, fans might not be overly thrilled…

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