SpaceX Starlink Internet increases ‘throughput by 5900%’ on rocket recovery sea-going vessels

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SpaceX is not letting up for a moment. This is evidenced by the frequent flights into space, the aim of which is to launch as many satellites as possible in a relatively short time, which will significantly support the expansion of the Starlink satellite constellation.

The expansion of the Starlink network continues

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In this context, it has recently been reported across the media that Elon Musk’s entire satellite internet project is about to enter its second phase. This should guarantee not only greater coverage, but also, and above all, higher transmission speeds and, above all, throughput.

Available documents on the Federal Communications Commission’s desk indicated that SpaceX was requesting a waiver to allow the company to reduce its notional response time, i.e. get more satellites into non-geostationary Earth orbit, while the whole thing went through the approval process.

Just to remind you that some 4 500 satellites have been approved by the Commission for the first phase, while 7 500 of the expected total of 30 000 new generation devices have now been partially approved for the second phase.

SpaceX reports a jump in throughput

Also worth noting is a recent news item reported by Tesmanian. The server refers to the official communiqué and confirms that as part of the continuous expansion and improvement of services, Starlink has significantly increased the download throughput on the Internet by up to 5 900%, in the case of uploads by rescue naval vessels the throughput jumped by 700%.

“Starlink has also reduced latency to just 50ms, enabling the companies involved to respond more quickly and responsively,” the company said. It cites various shipping companies as another example of positive progression, with vessels now enjoying more stable connectivity, lower operating costs and fewer risks associated with being at sea.


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