Spotify launches artificial intelligence. Smart DJ picks the best songs for you

When Stephen Hawking told the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, a few years ago that artificial intelligence, or AI, can be "a good servant as well as a bad master", it caused a bit of a shock. Not because the brilliant scientist spoke out of turn, but because he said out loud what many, not just the general public, fear.

Artificial intelligence

However, many experts argue that the most catastrophic scenarios such as humanity’s extinction will never actually occur, and that artificial intelligence can make a significant contribution to improving life on Earth as well as opening the door to new, untold possibilities.

Whatever the reality of the future, one thing is already certain – more and more leading technology leaders and other companies are interested in implementing AI, and this also applies to the domestic market.

Spotify on the AI wave

As is currently resonating through the “internet ether”, this theme is no stranger to the global music streaming and podcasting brand. On its blog, Spotify confirms that it is planning a directly significant improvement, which is also intended to indirectly encourage users to interact more.

This DJ, as the company has dubbed it, not only leverages capabilities gained from previous algorithms, but also relies on elements we’ve seen with OpenAI in the context of its groundbreaking ChatGPT chatbot. This should take the topic-based system of recommending music content to listeners to a whole new level.

In practice, it should look like that the classic “widgets” and controls will now be joined by a DJ button that provides a more personal recommendation with an explanation of why a particular song was chosen, and adds a few interesting facts on top. It goes without saying that if it doesn’t hit the mark, either in genre or melody, it can respond promptly to the reminder and offer something else.

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