Stronger than steel. One of the tallest wind turbines in the world will be made of wood

Modvion, an ambitious Scandinavian startup, is embarking on an extraordinary venture - the construction of one of the tallest wooden wind turbines in the world. This groundbreaking project is part of a contract with the Swedish energy company Varberg Energi, aiming to push the boundaries of sustainable energy solutions. The innovative tower, standing at an impressive height of 105 meters, will be made from laminated timber, cleverly bonding multiple layers together to ensure incredible strength and stability.

A Tower in Harmony with Nature: The Wooden Wind Turbine near Skara

The environmentally-friendly tower will be located near the picturesque city of Skara, blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings. The use of wood as a primary material for such a towering structure might raise eyebrows, but Modvion’s engineering prowess is set to prove its worth. This unique approach combines eco-friendliness with impressive performance capabilities. 

At the top of the wooden giant, a powerful 2 MW turbine will be mounted. Once operational, this turbine is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 500 households. With sustainability at the core of its design, the wooden wind turbine represents a significant step forward in renewable energy technology.

A Sustainable Vision: Redefining Wind Energy with Wood

Modvion’s dedication to sustainability doesn’t end with the construction of the tower. The company is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire wind energy industry. By utilizing wood, a renewable and carbon-neutral material, the project aims to set new standards for environmentally responsible practices in the field of wind power. 

This remarkable venture not only demonstrates the potential of wooden structures in the renewable energy sector but also highlights the importance of innovation in combating climate change. As global efforts intensify to transition towards cleaner energy sources, the wooden wind turbine stands tall as a symbol of sustainable progress.


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