Sustainable energy? Musk unveils the Master Plan 3 that everyone should see

During the Tesla Investor Day 2023 event at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Elon Musk unveiled the third part of Tesla's "Master Plan 3", in which the company will lead a global effort to divest from fossil fuels and transition the world to sustainable energy.

Tesla and its ambitious Master Plan 3

Anyone who thinks Tesla is “just” a car company trying to make money from electric cars is missing a lot. Tesla’s original goal was to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and, in effect, help transition civilization to sustainable energy, not just sustainable transportation. That’s why Tesla makes not only electric cars and chargers, but also solar bags and battery storage. All of this makes up its sophisticated ecosystem.

It is fair to say that the latest Master Plan 3 is quite detailed and clear about what needs to be done across the industry, which needs to involve companies other than Tesla. It is therefore a plan that is unparalleled in the world – it takes into account not only the company’s own business, but also that of its competitors. “There is a clear path to sustainable energy on Earth,” Musk said. “It doesn’t require the destruction of habitats. It doesn’t require us to be austere and stop using electricity and be kind of in the cold or whatever.”

What do we need to achieve to have sustainable energy in 2050?

Sustainable energy? Musk unveils the Master Plan 3 that everyone should see

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Tesla and its Master Plan 3, which Musk discussed at the Tesla Investor Day 2023 event, includes several points that need to be met in order to have sustainable energy in 2050. Specifically, it includes adding renewable energy to the existing grid, making more electric vehicles, installing heat pumps in homes and buildings, using high-temperature heat and hydrogen for industrial applications, and building sustainably fueled planes and ships.

Musk said he wants to create a “sustainable energy civilisation”. He predicts that an investment of $10 trillion will be needed to achieve a sustainable future powered by renewables, which the currently richest man in the world says is “not a big number given the global economy”. So what exactly will need to be done and where do Tesla think we currently stand? That’s what we learned from the company’s presentation.



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