Tesla Considers StoreDot Batteries: What Can They Do?

Recently, there has been media coverage suggesting that Tesla is exploring the potential of StoreDot's Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) battery technology. Israeli battery startup StoreDot has gained a reputation as a significant battery manufacturer for electric vehicles. Its battery cells are capable of achieving extremely fast charging.

StoreDot batteries charge at ultra-fast speeds

While reports of breakthroughs in battery development by various startup companies are often unfounded, StoreDot’s claims about XFC batteries have been independently verified by laboratories. For example, Shmuel De-Leon Energy laboratory tested StoreDot’s 30 Ah Pouch Cell XFC batteries in December. The institution concluded that the Israeli startup’s batteries exhibit excellent fast-charging capabilities and a high energy density of 300 Wh/kg.

As reported by USA Today, Tesla’s research into StoreDot’s technology underscores the automaker’s interest in creating and developing the best batteries for its electric vehicles. If the functionality of StoreDot’s battery technology proves successful, these batteries should help Tesla manufacture even better long-range electric vehicles. StoreDot aims to improve XFC batteries to enable a range of 160 km to be charged in 5 minutes by 2024. Further enhancements (160 km in 3 minutes) are expected by 2028, and by the end of the decade, charging speeds of 160 km in 2 minutes should be achieved.

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Tesla needs more batteries

Based on available information, the testing of StoreDot batteries by the American automaker does not suggest an imminent partnership between the two companies. Instead, the information confirms Tesla’s focus on developing next-generation batteries that can further improve the performance of its electric vehicles. Tesla’s extensive experience in battery management systems and their integration into vehicles makes it an ideal partner for testing and potentially validating StoreDot’s technologies.

Currently, Tesla is striving to accelerate the development and production of its 4680 battery cells, which are already being equipped in some Model Y vehicles from Gigafactory Texas. As Elon Musk has previously noted, Tesla is working to secure an increasing quantity of batteries for its vehicles, as the company has ambitious goals in terms of manufacturing and deliveries. While the USA Today report remains speculative at this moment, Tesla will certainly consider the potential of technologies from similar startups like StoreDot.


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