Tesla has overtaken Apple! It sells probably the best charger in the world

Cupertino giant Apple has cancelled the 2019 release of a special Qi charger that was supposed to be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously. It's been quiet since then, and it looks like we won't be seeing a similar product from the brand. However, we need not despair, as the American Tesla has just started selling its own solution.

Tesla sells its own “AirPower”


The electric carmaker has unveiled its own AirPower, which will offer an angular metal design that was heavily inspired by the upcoming Cybertruck. The maximum power output is not as dazzling as the design, as it provides just 15W per device. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that it can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously!

Apple’s AirPower charger was supposed to offer a very similar system. A big bonus is that the user can place the phone anywhere on the desktop to start charging the device. And this is exactly the kind of problem Apple cut its teeth on years ago.

Price and availability

Tesla also describes what’s inside the charger on its international e-shop. Inside the device are 30 coils arranged in a similar design that Apple worked on. The question will be whether Tesla was able to solve the excessive overheating during charging.

The charger is already available on the e-shop at the moment, and it is priced at $300. Tesla will ship the first units in February next year.

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