Tesla Megacharger – A First Look at the Future’s 1,000 kW Charger

Get ready to be amazed! We've got a sneak peek at the new Tesla Megacharger, designed to charge Tesla Semi electric trucks. What do we know so far, and just how powerful is this revolutionary charger?

Unveiling the Megacharger ⚙️ 

Tesla has finally revealed its groundbreaking Megacharger, showcased by X RodneyaKent on social media. This awe-inspiring charger has been added to the Supercharger station in Baker, California, positioned between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The massive connector of this Megacharger is expected to soon charge the Tesla Semi electric tractor-trailer.


The Journey Of Tesla Semi 

Back in 2017, Tesla first introduced the electric semi-truck concept. Since then, significant progress has been made, and last year, Pepsi received the first tractor units. However, Elon Musk recently stated that the Semi’s mass production won’t commence before late 2024.

Exploring the Megacharger 

Tesla’s Megacharger boasts a maximum charging power between 750 and 1,000 kW. Elon Musk previously claimed it could add up to 640 kilometers of range to the Tesla Semi in just 30 minutes.

However, recent parameters for the charger reveal a lower output of up to 375 kW, likely due to its mobile nature. But fear not! Tesla promises the full charging power in the future.

Get ready to revolutionize the trucking industry with the Tesla Megacharger! 🚛⚡


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