Tesla prices in the U.S. dropped by up to $13,000 overnight and increased orders by as much as 500%! why?

You probably didn’t miss that the Tesla car company rocked the technology world again last week. While other manufacturers are struggling with costs and raising their prices, the Californian giant, on the other hand, has made its cars cheaper. And indeed by substantial amounts. More interesting, however, is the effect that this general discount produced.

Tesla registers an influx of new orders

The price cut led to an almost immediate increase in orders. As Gizchina magazine reports, in some Chinese cities, compared to December 2022, the number of orders increased by 500 percent. Is this the mythical impulse that will help the adoption of electric cars?

In 2022, Tesla managed to deliver 1.31 million cars worldwide. Of course, this sounds like a huge number, but the company’s management rather imagined a number exceeding 1.5 million

There may be several reasons

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It is therefore likely that the price cuts come in response to a lack of sales. However, the question is whether the factories can produce even more cars, as they are already bursting at the seams.

What do you think of Tesla’s current electric car prices? Are they worth it now? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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