Tesla to utilize its robot in an unexpected way. What has Musk come up with this time?

Tesla plans to use its robot Optimus, also known as Tesla Bot, in its stores to enhance sales. However, at this point, the robots will not be involved in customer service.

Tesla’s robot attracts public attention 

Based on information provided by Electrek, it appears that Tesla is experimenting with utilizing humanoid robots Optimus in its stores in China. It’s no secret that Tesla Bot garners significant attention at exhibitions and conferences. Tesla believes that Optimus will help increase customer footfall in its car stores.

The automaker is already testing this approach in China, where it has been successful in meeting its retail sales targets. Despite achieving record deliveries that exceeded all expectations, Tesla fell short of its goals in North America in the previous quarter.


Photo by Tesla Bot

Optimus will be a long-term asset for Tesla

Former head of Tesla in China, Tom Zhu, who recently took over the company’s global commerce, is putting significant pressure on the North American team to match the retail performance of Tesla’s Chinese team. Optimus is apparently part of the solution. Elon Musk even predicts that the Tesla Optimus robot will represent the “majority of Tesla’s long-term value.”

However, it seems that Tesla still has a long way to go to develop a useful product. The goal is to leverage existing research in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving to create a humanoid robot capable of independently performing a wide range of tasks.

Initially, Tesla considered Optimus for performing simple, repetitive tasks, particularly in manufacturing. However, Musk recently expressed his desire for Tesla Bot to be a universal robot that anyone could have at home. Currently, the Optimus project appears to be beneficial for Tesla by helping attract customers to its automotive business.


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