Tesla’s Latest Integration: Control Your Tesla Using Apple Shortcuts and Siri

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In a move that exemplifies its continuous technological advancement, Tesla, one of the world's foremost innovators, has rolled out a fresh update for iPhone users. This update introduces seamless integration with Apple Shortcuts, offering users a way to streamline basic automation and voice-controlled commands through Siri.

Command Your Tesla Through Siri

The iOS update’s note succinctly explains, “Access vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.” But how does this translate into practical usability? As detailed by Afronomist.com, users can now enjoy a range of functionalities, enhancing their Tesla experience.


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Mastering Your Tesla Remotely

The array of functions available includes unlocking and locking the vehicle, toggling the climate control, activating and deactivating Sentry Mode, and even enabling or disabling the Dog Mode – all achievable through a simple voice command to Siri or by utilizing the Shortcuts app. The convenience doesn’t stop there; users can further personalize this experience with a dedicated widget.

A Futuristic Approach to Vehicle Integration

Would you embrace such advanced vehicle integration on your phone? If yes, why? Share your insights and perspectives in the discussion below!

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