That’s a great idea. On Android 14, you can play with a PlayStation 5 controller

Playstation on Android 14
The hunger for quality gaming experiences on mobile phones is unrelenting. For real enthusiasts, all sorts of controllers and gamepads that connect with smartphones have been developed for several years. However, the fact that pairing with a phone would be possible with one of the gamepads from game console manufacturers is rather rare.

Android 14 will have DualSense Edge support


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All the more surprising was the recent discovery by Mishaal Rahman, one of the members of the XDA community, a group that has been working on mobile software since 2002. In a post on his Twitter account, he shared a file from the first Developer Preview of the upcoming Android 14. In it, you can spot the button layout for the DualSense Edge controller.

For gamers in the know, this is the iconic gamepad that comes with Sony’s PlayStation 5. The fourteenth generation of Android, unlike all its predecessors, will therefore allow you to connect this controller to your phone.

Does the PS5 controller make sense in a mobile environment?

The surprising news is certainly worthwhile for those who own a PlayStation 5 along with a controller. After all, the additional purchase of this controller is an expensive and relatively unnecessary investment for most users when there are more affordable alternatives on the market that offer a similar mobile gaming experience.

The only element that could shuffle the cards, especially for discerning gamers, is the option of adjustable buttons and joysticks that DualSense Edge has. Here, however, comes the question of whether Android 14 will just support these swaps at all.


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