The competition can go slide. Apple dominated global smartphone sales

Apple and Samsung have long been in a sales tug-of-war. Other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, have been vocal in this battle, but the two brands still dominate. Analyst company Counterpoint has now released some interesting numbers showing the best-selling models. The ranking is completely dominated by Apple, which let almost no one enter the top ten.

Apple crushes its competition

The currently released ranking of the top ten best-selling phones is quite interesting. It is dominated by Apple, which has eight representatives, despite the fact that the phones of the apple manufacturer are not the cheapest. So which one is the best-selling?

The iPhone 13 took 5% of the total number of iPhones sold, which is a respectable 28%. The iPhone 13 Pro Max takes the silver medal and the top three are rounded out by the current iPhone 14 Pro Max, which managed to take 1.7% of the market in just a few months in 2022.

Samsung has also found its place
The first representative of another brand came in fourth place and it is the Samsung Galaxy A13. This is a relatively cheap piece and the South Koreans will definitely not make as much money on it as their American competitors. From Samsung, there is also the Galaxy A03 model in the ranking. Other manufacturers didn’t do so well and we won’t find another brand in the top ten. It is also interesting that the iPhone 12, which entered the market in 2020, is still doing well.

Others may envy

Although Apple only introduces four models a year, it’s not losing sales. The opposite is true, and every year Apple shows very good numbers. The competition in this respect can really be envious, as the Californian manufacturer manages to sell phones worth tens of thousands on a steady basis.

Others, unfortunately, do not manage this and their best-selling phones are often the cheaper ones. Yet manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola or even Honor offer very high quality premium machines. For the time being, however, they are not able to get them among a significant number of users and still have to rely on so-called “low budget” phones.

Small phones are dying out

The new ranking of the best-selling smartphones for 2022 also shows one interesting trend. Although users often let it be known that they would like to use a small phone, sales don’t suggest that. Even Apple, which tried two years in a row with the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini, failed to break through with small phones.

Neither piece sold well, however, sending a clear signal to manufacturers that the category isn’t paying off. Thus, the only smaller and still well-selling phone is the iPhone SE (2022) with its outdated but functional design.


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