The crypto community is celebrating. 13 years ago, two pizzas were sold for 10,000 Bitcoins


The beginning of this year has seen Bitcoin in very good shape, which is continuously strengthened by the return of investor confidence. It is currently oscillating around the value of 27 to 28 thousand dollars, which is the perfect counterpart to the critical last winter. Thus, optimism is in place for now.

Bitcoin is thriving this year

Will Bitcoin manage to break the $30k mark this year? While finding a clear answer is difficult, some analysts think it’s realistic. For example, Mike Novogratz, the head of Galaxy Digital, said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that such a scenario is highly likely given the current progress and the value of Bitcoin, which has been rising virtually steadily since January.

Anyway, this popular crypto is currently resonating with the tech industry for another, on the surface slightly bizarre reason. Exactly 13 years ago, a Florida programmer bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin.

First documented crypto payment

Looking at today’s optics, one would probably have to be crazy, because such an amount is equivalent to billions of crowns. But more than a decade ago, things were different. Back then, you could buy almost nothing with that many Bitcoins. But the magic of the whole transaction is something else, reports Crypto News.

The server recalls that this is the first official exchange of virtual currency for goods. It’s impossible to say how crucial an effect this event had on the enormous growth in popularity in the coming years, but in any case, it’s an example of how, given the constellation, a strange situation can be a harbinger of something great.


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